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Baby Shower Favors for my BFF!

My best friend is having a baby! She was due four days ago so this project is a few months old, but back in April I made the favors for her baby shower. I was obsessed with jars at the time and researched high and low for cute jarred baby shower favors. Mostly what I found were “sugar and spice” type favors for a baby girl, but BFF is having a boy so I just made it up as I went along.

First I asked her what the color scheme was for the shower. Her palate was lime green, navy blue and grey. I set out on a journey to my local fabric store to see what I could find. Since I have a baby of my own I had been saving her baby food jars for a few months because I thought…what better jar to use for a baby shower than a baby food jar! I de-labeled, scrubbed them and ran them through the dishwasher. So finally I had everything I needed: jars, fabric, gift tags (which I just printed and cut out), twine and candy.

I cut the fabric into 6″ x 6″ squares by using a ruler and marking the underside of the fabric with a pen. I came to this measurement by some trial and error when figuring out how much fabric I wanted to hang over the jars. The gift tags that read “Sweet of you to come” were just cut out and hole punched.

I filled the jars with mini Reese’s Cups and Whoppers because they are small and because Easter had just passed and all the Easter candy was on sale! The assembly process went something like this: take empty jar, fill empty jar to the top with candy, screw on lid tightly, string tag onto pre-cut piece of twine and set aside, center fabric square on top of jar lid and wrap your hand around the jar neck keeping the fabric as secure as possible. Next, grab the twine with your other hand and wrap it around the jar neck two or three times (your preference) then secure with a double knot. Repeat.

I think I paid just over $1 per bag for all the candy, the jars free (up-cycled), I used my own paper and ink to print out the tags, so the biggest expenses were the fabric and twine. For 50 shower favors I ended up keeping the total just under $45, less than $1 per favor!


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