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Afton’s Birthday Party (Part 2)

This post will explain how I created some of the decorations for Afton’s first birthday party. See Afton’s Birthday Party (Part 1) for all the photos. I work full-time so I started these projects about 2-3 months before the actual party, working on them here and there when I found the time. It was usually after Afton when to bed for the night (her bed time is 6:30pm, thank goodness) so I usually worked from 7-10 a few nights a week. Let’s just say my husband is glad the party is behind us.

Happy Birthday, Afton!

Let me start by saying, when I was making this banner I asked for my husband’s opinion and the one thing he said was “make the letters thicker” and of course I didn’t listen to him because in my mind you didn’t have to read it from far away. Now that I see the photos from the party and her one year photos (we used the banner in those also) I must admit my husband was right (ouch that hurts).

Here is what you need to recreate this birthday banner: solid colored construction paper, patterned construction paper (I just bought a scrapbook table), large paper doilies, a glue stick, scissors, ruler, twine, mini-clothespins, and a THICK sharpie.

First I measured and cut all the paper. I figured out my sizes by laying the doily down on the patterned paper and measuring what size square I would need for the paper to peek out behind the doily. Then I measured the inside of the doily (the solid white part) and cut out my solid squares to fit within them. After all the squares were cut I used my ruler and drew the letters on to the smaller squares. There are many ways you can do this…some people print the letters out and cut them out and glue them. Some people use their computer screen as a light box and trace the letters onto the paper. You can even buy a stencil and do them that way.

Once your letters are done you can start gluing your pieces together, in any order you want. I started with the smaller squares onto the doily and let them dry overnight, then glued those to the larger, patterned square. Once they were all done they looked like this:

As you can see it’s easy to read the letters in this photo, not so easy in the first photo from the party. At this point all you have to do is measure out your twine for each word and then attach the twine to letter with your mini-clothespins. I used two pins for each letter. I made this banner for under $15, as opposed to the ones for sale on Etsy for $25-45 plus shipping!

Next up: lace and paper rosettes

These are just random decorations I made with left over supplies. The top image is made from the left over doilies. You simply take 3 or 4 doilies that are the same size and accordion fold each of them. So you should have 3 or 4 long strips, then fold those in half and use double-sided tape to secure the sides together that are touching once folded. If you fan those out you should have half of a rosette. Simply repeat with the other two doilies and connect them all together using the double-sided tape. I also glued some buttons in the centers to make them look more vintage and flower-like and I used twine to hand them from trees at the party. I did the same exact thing with left over construction paper (see the image below the doily rosettes) and just used a hole punch at the top and hung them from trees using left over twine also. The other paper flowers in the photo I actually traced them from a pattern that came with my scrapbook tablet. Then I glued buttons in the centers and cut the petals. I didn’t know what I was going to do with these at the time but I ended up using them on the favor bags:

These favor bags were super easy. All you need are: brown bags, thin ribbon (thin enough to fit through a hole punch), mini doilies, Thank You rubber stamp, ink pad, glue stick and the small paper flowers and rosettes from above. I just stamped the mini doilies with the thank you stamp and glued them to the brown bag along with the paper flower and/or the mini paper rosette. Then I filled the bag with treats (i.e., playdough, tattoos, stickers, bubbles, bath toys, crayons) then folded the over once, punched two holes, threaded the ribbon through them and tied a bow. Simple and cheap!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding any of the DIY projects featured here! I’d love to see photos of your own interpretations of these ideas. Enjoy!



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