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Monthly Archives: October 2012

DIY Grandparent’s Day Cards

I don’t know about you, but to me the worst part of any holiday (Halloween, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.) is buying cards. Spending sometimes $5 on a card when you have at least 5 or more people to buy for per holiday adds up quickly. The great part about having a child is having a chance to make homemade cards with your little one for all these special occasions and saving a ton of money (on a side note: you may be saving money but if your little one doesn’t have the patience for these crafts you might be paying a much higher price in the end by losing your sanity). To make your card making life easier just go out and buy a stack of solid colored construction paper, a scrapbook tablet with corresponding colors and a few ink pads (also with corresponding colors). There you have the basics for card making. I have made cards for virtually every occasion since my little one was born, this is just an example of the cards we made for Grandparent’s Day.

Simply tear out whatever paper you want to use for the outside of the card (in this case it was various patterns of green from my scrapbook tablet) and I used plain white printer paper for the inside. I lined up the two pieces of paper and folded them to create a card. Then I wrote “Happy Grandparent’s Day” on the outside of the card with a black sharpie and used some stickers that came in my scrapbook table for flare.

Then I set the outside of the card aside. Using the inside of the card (the printer paper) I cut out a few hearts using scraps and used a few more stickers but first came the tricky part. I wanted to make a heart on the inside of the card using my little ones foot prints. I scooped up my busy toddler and explained to her how she was going to help me make a big surprise for her grandparents. While explaining this and making it sound super fun I took off her socks and started dabbing the inkpad on her foot. Be sure and do one foot at a time, it should go something like this: put ink on one foot, stamp paper, clean foot, repeat on other side. If you leave one foot with ink while you try and do the other I guarentee you will get it on you or the counter or the dog…etc. Here is the inside:

There you have it. Simple card making that means a great deal more than those expensive Hallmark ones. Remember once both parts of the card are done and have had time to dry, glue them together and smooth out and bubbles or creases. I simply use a glue stick and smear the back of the printer paper, stick, fold and smooth. We made three cards for all three, yes three, sets of grandparents. That is six foot prints and a lot of ink, stamp, clean, repeating…


DIY Felt Flower Wreath

I have been obsessed lately with all things felt. I started making felt flowers to put on headbands for Afton (another post), but for the moment I have moved on to wreaths. I don’t really get into the Halloween decorations so I wanted something pretty that I could hang on my door all Fall and Winter long. Enter the felt flower wreath! I went to Joann Fabrics and bought felt squares in the colors I wanted (about $5 or less), a 24″ grapevine wreath ($8.99), three yards of ribbon (about $5) and a wooden letter to hang from the ribbon ($3.99).


Felt squares in assorted colors (4 for $1)

Grapevine wreath ($8.99)

Along with the items I purchased I make this wreath I also used the following (which I already had at home): hot glue gun, glue sticks, yarn, and silver door hanger. The first thing I did was make various felt flowers for the wreath using a few different methods.

The start of a felt rose

To make felt roses you just cute out different sizes of circles and cut into each circle to create a spiral. Then start at the pointed edge and roll the felt inwards using dots of glue to secure until you reach the large round end in the middle. Then simply glue the circle to the bottom of the flower. You can click here for a tutorial on a different kind of flower that I also used. They should look something like this:




Almost done!

At this point all I did was wrap my ribbon around the top part of my letter twice, then wrap the ribbon around the top of the wreath and tie into a bow. I tucked the ends of the ribbon around parts of the wreath that were sticking out and clipped the ends to give it a more polished finish. Here is the finished product!

I love my new wreath!






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