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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Toddler Room

Recently we moved Afton into her big girl room. I wasn’t sure how ready she was but I knew I needed her out of her crib and comfortable in her new digs before baby #2 so into the big girl room she went. A lot of planning went into this room. I knew it just couldn’t be any boring room. This had to be her escape, her play room, her solace away from a screaming baby and tired mommy. It had to be her favorite room in the whole house. I had a big job ahead of me and limited space to work with. I wanted to incorporate her favorite things: her books, her love of art and crafts, and all her familiar toys that have been a part of her life for almost two years now. I new I wanted all her clothes and things stored safely inside her closet. I didn’t want a dresser taking up valuable play area real estate and I didn’t want to worry about entering her room in the morning to find all her clean clothes thrown all over the place. All of the ideas from this room came from either Pinterest, IKEA, or Etsy.


This part of her room is very special. The Expedit shelves from IKEA were turned on their side to house all her favorite books, the yellow dollar store baskets hold all her toys that used to be thrown all over our living room, the photo collage wall is comprised of family pictures, hangings that I hand made, children’s literature quotes (Harry Potter, The Velveteen Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh), an excerpt from her namesake “Flow Gently Sweet Afton” and one of the frames holds the first coloring she ever doodled. The cherry on top is the gray “A” that sits on the shelf. This entire wall cost under $100.


This wall is the artsy side of the room. Her dry erase art easel sits in the corner and the gray chalkboard table and chairs was purchased from IKEA for $20. I painted the bare wood gray and painted the top with chalkboard paint. I also got a $5 roll of paper from IKEA that I tape over the chalkboard part with painters tape when she wants to color with crayons. The mirror about the table was old and not being used so I repainted it and put in some family pictures. The vinyl wall quote was $18 from Luxeloft (Etsy shop) and was super easy to apply. For the hanging artwork I simply stuck two clear thumb tacks in the wall and wrapped with in twine and hung the paper with mini-clothespins I had left over from her first birthday banner. This part of the room cost under $50.


Her closet came together with the help of IKEA and the dollar store. The baskets used on the shelves were only $1 each and the Agot closet organizers from IKEA cost about $40 total. The drawers pull out just like a dresser and are mesh so I can easily see what is inside of them. And if you notice some of the drawers are empty, which means she still has room to grow! The closet organization cost under $50.


And finally, this is her big girl bed. I purchased it from IKEA along with the duvet and shams. Sheets (3 sets) at K Mart along with some throw pillows. We both fell in love with this bed because of the size (full), the mattress (foam so she can’t jump on it and rocket herself across the room) and height (it’s about a foot off the ground). I was very happy with how it all turned out and so was Afton. She loves her new room and I find her playing quietly in it all the time. Goal accomplished!

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